Hello my name is...

Christine Chen

• Life Coach at XOXO Christine by day ☀️
• Kween of deep convos, cute things, and sassy pomeranians by night 🌙

Years of Experience:
2 years of experience
Favorite Emoji:
On the Playlist:
Oprah Super Soul Podcast
Go-to Food:
Milk Tea 🍵

Hey Christine, care to share a little bit about yourself?

Haaay I'm Christine! I love meeting new people and diving deep into your stories. I believe that's one of the best ways to learn and grow. Alongside making some people feel awkward, I love crafting, watching youtube food videos, collecting kawaii toys, and trolling my fiance Jack and my sassy Pomeranian.

Can you tell us what you do as a life coach for those who are unfamiliar?

As a big sis life coach, I help my clients shift from feeling lost, stuck, and anxious to having clarity, focus, and confidence. I create a safe space for you to feel vulnerable and be heard. Then, we work together as a team to break down your visions into achievable goals week to week. That way you're always moving forward with self growth as well as accountability to sustain your new habits and mindset with new coping tools!

How did you decide to pursue your specific career? What pivotal moments pushed you to where you are now?

I learned to trust myself and move towards what values align with how I evolve into each new chapter of my life. Mental health became a big part of my life when I became deeply depressed 6 years ago. And as I learned from that experience through getting life coached myself, I wanted to learn how to help others transform their lives like I had.

What inspired you to start your craft?

I knew I always loved having deep one on one conversations with people. Even at my time at Wong Fu where we were meeting thousands of fans at a time, all I wanted to do was to talk to each and every one of them individually. I've also always been personally interested in self growth through books and classes and I have Oprah to thank for that!

Any advice on how to get started for those who want to start their own craft?

Start by identifying why you want to do what you do. That will not only help you focus on what makes whatever you create unique, but also serve as your northern star when you go through moments of doubts and "what am I doing?" Then go and learn! There are so many resources online that can teach you what you want to know. Learn with curiosity vs. "I need to do this for this outcome". It never turns out the way you want anyways but those are the hidden gems to what will help you grow as a person and hone in on your craft.

3 Character traits that would make someone excel in your field

Empathy, openness, and curiousity

Most difficult thing about your job?

Practicing all the things I help my clients with and implementing those tools as I start my own business for the first time. I also feel triggered and have moments of doubts as challenges come up. But that's how amazing the universe is. The very thing that keeps me grounded are the reasons why I have a life coaching business in the first place. To help others be seen, be heard, and move forward with the light they're meant to bring into this world.

What would you like to say to your younger self?

Trust the process. Life will give you the lessons not out of unfairness but out of love and kindness. These lessons are meant for you and will help you tremendously towards finding the answers that you're looking for.

Best advice you've received/heard?

"Do it afraid." That's what courage is. If you're going to take a chance on anything, bet on yourself. Go all in. Trust that inkling and see how life opens up to you. Anger, bitterness and resentment exist to show you a deeper passion underneath yearning to be refined and understood.

Any last thoughts, advice, or recommendations for someone who wants to learn your craft?

Reach out to me! Hire a life coach. Get a therapist. Prioritize your mental health because it bleeds through from the core of you to every part of your life and everyone around you.

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