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Grace J. Kim

Technical Recruiter @ Atlassian by day ☀️
Dog mom, foodie & coffee lover, novice florist, professional tv binger by night 🌙

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Scary Pockets, Allen Stone, FKJ
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Soon doo boo - or as I like to call it, soon doo bae!

Hi there, please tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you? What do you like to do for fun?

My name is Grace, and I grew up in Cerritos & recently moved to sunny San Diego after completing my Master's in Organizational/Leadership Development at Chapman University. I am a work-from-home dog mom, and on my free time, I love finding new coffee shops & restaurants with friends & family...and watching A LOT (probably an unhealthy amount) of tv. I love making people feel included, whether it's at work, social settings, or completely new environments.

As a recruiter, I strive to walk with each person throughout their candidate process with warmth and detail. It is such a joy for me to listen to people's diverse experiences and strengths and use their narratives as a guide toward a path of both personal and professional growth. My combined experiences in talent acquisition and career services give me a different & empathetic perspective when it comes to recruiting talented individuals.

Can you tell us what you do as a Technical Recruiter at Atlassian for those who are unfamiliar?

I am a Technical Recruiter at Atlassian, and I have the opportunity to partner with hiring managers to find the best talent & match for their growing teams. Prior to Atlassian, my role at Liferay involved a variety of responsibilities from full cycle recruitment, recruiting operations, project & program management, and employer branding. Let's just say...I am never bored!

How did you decide to pursue your specific career? What pivotal moments pushed you to where you are now?

At my very first employer, I was in the same orientation group with a Junior Recruiter, and we got along really well & had a similar personality. This was in 2014, and I never heard of recruiting, and after meeting him, I wanted to learn more. One year later, I was able to move into corporate recruiting, met an amazing mentor, and some of my coworkers have become close friends. At this time, Silicon Beach was rapidly growing, and hiring was about meeting numbers & not about the candidate experience. I also was presented with an opportunity to work at my alma mater as a Career Specialist, where I was on the other side to prep students for their career growth, whether it be for interview prep, resume review, or just giving students the encouragement & confidence boost they need to crush their interviews!

It was a great experience to give back to students, especially those who come from underrepresented groups. However, I ended up missing recruiting, partnering with hiring managers, seeing candidates become fellow colleagues...so here we are! I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, and I love that talent acquisition & recruiting has evolved to providing a warm & inclusive candidate experience while meeting critical business needs.

What programs & tools do you use everyday for your work? What do you like/dislike about these programs?

I use ...
LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter
Lever (our Applicant Tracking System)

Any advice on how to stand out and get hired for those starting off?

If you don't know where to start, do some informational interviews with those who are in the field. I wouldn't just reach out just because you are interested in a role with the company (because that can come off impersonal), but ask intentional questions & be curious. If they don't get back to you, no hard feelings - just keep putting yourself out there!

What are some must-have resources or skills you would recommend for your industry?

Recruiters are project managers & consultants. You are absorbing as much information, gathering requirements, and finding the best, qualified talent for the team. It will help to have strong organizational skills (managing multiple requisitions/projects - could range from 15-25+) and relationship management (empathy, passion for diversity & equity, ability to build rapport & trust with the hiring managers and candidates).

What are 3 character traits that would make someone excel in your field?

Agile, adaptable, empathetic.

Most satisfying & difficult thing about your job?

Sometimes..the grind does not stop! Hiring managers & the organization expect a lot from recruiters to fill requisitions as quickly as possible, so the pressure can be constant & draining. Yet, it is SO rewarding when you find the perfect match - you're building a team for the org while helping someone with their career development! Plus...it is absolutely the BEST feeling when you get to close a requisition - especially a hard to fill one. :)

What would you like to say to your younger self?

Stay curious & always be kind!

Best advice you've received/heard?

When you're in a room full of people, make sure you're not taking space, but making space for others.

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