Hello my name is...

Jennifer Chan

β€’ Associate Marketing Manager at Disney Publishing Worldwide by β˜€οΈ
β€’ A media and communications professional aspiring to build a career in design by night πŸŒ™

Years of Experience:
6 years of experience
Favorite Emoji:
On the Playlist:
Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
Go-to Food:
Sushi 🍣

Hey Jennifer, care to share a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I love reading sci-fi, binging podcasts, and most anything crafty. I also do hand-lettering and design work for nonprofits and small businesses.

Can you tell us what you do as an Associate Marketing Content Manager at Disney Publishing for those who are unfamiliar?

As an Associate Marketing Content Manager at Disney Publishing Worldwide, I produce digital content that promotes our books on the @disneybooks, @disney, @pixar, @starwars, and @marvel social handles. My responsibilities range from photographing products to writing marketing copy to capturing content with our authors on tour.

How did you decide to pursue your specific career?

I studied Environmental Science and Film at UCLA 🐻, then started my career in digital marketing at The Walt Disney Company πŸŽ₯, and am simultaneously pursuing my passion for design. πŸ’›

What made you interested in your field?

After undergrad, I was intrigued by the relationship between communication/media technologies and people, so I sought out a job in social media where I could also exercise my design skills.


Any advice on how to stand out and get hired for those starting off?

I've found that a great way to stand out is to take the initiative to start doing whatever you want to be doing in the future. I started my hand-lettering Instagram mostly to document my progress over time in a visual way. But it also came in handy when I was applying for my first full-time social media position because I was able to point to that project and talk about different social media strategies I experimented with.

3 Character traits that would make someone excel in your field

1. Flexible - You can adapt to any brand voice and separate it from your own.
2. Attentive - The internet never sleeps, so you're on call 24/7. (Also see #3)
3. Curious - There are always new platforms and new formats to learn!

Most difficult thing about your job?

You don't get much time to escape from social media and disconnect from the internet.

What would you like to say to your younger self?

To do your best work, you have to have a healthy work/life balance and ask for help when you need it.

Best advice you've received/heard?

"You can do anything, but not everything" It's a great reminder for me to stay focused on my goals. (Sometimes I can get distracted by fun hobbies. 😊)

Any last thoughts, advice, or recommendations for someone who is interested in becoming an Associate Marketing Manager?

I believe that the surgical teaching style of β€œsee one, do one, teach one” can be applied to anything you're interested in. In other words, observing and reading up on something is just one part of learning, getting hands-on experience, and helping others do the same strengthens your skills. (Also, I may or may not have first heard about this real-life concept through Grey's Anatomy.)


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