Hello my name is...

Rebecca Bever

Senior Core Developer @ Marvel by day and roller skater by night

Years of Experience:
9 years
Favorite Emoji:
On the Playlist:
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
Go-to Food:
Reese's Pieces

Hi there, please tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you? What do you like to do for fun?

I'm a mixed bag! I love fashion, design, and clothes, it's how I express myself. I'm lost in the 70s and find ways to bring hints of this style into my life. But I also love nerdy stuff - new technology, video games, insects & geodes, action films. I'm girly but a tomboy at the same time. What I like to do for fun is roller skating. I got into roller skating about 8 months ago during the pandemic and I'm obsessed! I skate almost everyday and it's been an amazing exercise and way to pour myself into some other outlet besides work. I love learning new tricks and skating with friends.

Can you tell us what you do as a Senior Core Developer at Marvel Studios for those who are unfamiliar?

I head up Software Development for Marvel Studios. What this exactly entails is focusing on ways to automate all production as early as script writing all the way to delivery for our audiences. Mostly what we automate has to do with supporting our production users and their shows which have anywhere from 10 VFX vendors per production doing the CG work. There's a lot of data coming in and out of the studio from these vendors along with data that has been shot from set back to the studio for QC (Quality Control). As you can imagine this is a lot of data to manage so we build scripts, databases, and applications to help render, view, and playback material when they need it.

How did you decide to pursue your specific career? What pivotal moments pushed you to where you are now?

I've always wanted to work in the film industry. Ever since I was a little girl, I would make little films with my sister and later got invested in watching behind the scenes footage on DVDs. Specifically the first Harry Potter movie stands out in my mind as a pivotal moment of realizing that technology could be used in film making. I have always had a left and right brain and a love for math and science but also the arts, so I knew I wanted to work in an industry that fuses my passions together.

What programs & tools do you use everyday for work? What do you like/dislike about these programs?

When it comes to coding: Visual Studio Code, Python, Gitlab
When it comes to delegating/communication: Slack, Jira, Email, Teams

Any advice on how to stand out and get hired for those starting off?

I'd say simple and concise resumes are a must (2 pages max). So many resumes land on hiring managers desks, so I always look for something that I can digest quickly. Also, make sure work and/or school projects are highlighted and demonstrate your skillsets along with your communication and collaboration skills.

What are some must-have resources or skills you would recommend for your industry?

Ladies in Production Podcast (Mine and Mariel Song's and a few other friends)

What are 3 character traits that would make someone excel in your field?

Determined/Go-getter, independent, ability to context switch and go with the flow.

Most satisfying & difficult thing about your job?

Having to make quick technical decisions that make production users happy and get their content out on time. Always on the edge of our seats and have to context switch at a moments notice.

What would you like to say to your younger self?

Don't be so hard on yourself, you're crushing it. Eventually your hard work will pay off.

Best advice you've received/heard?

Be friendly and kind to everyone you meet regardless of their role and stature, you'll never know when your paths may cross again in your career.

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